kayoubi desu

Kagurazaka Ishikawa



Many foreigners find kaiseki cuisine challenging. The purity of flavours can often seem ‘bland'; the price can also come as a shock.

Ishikawa-san does not consider his cooking to be strictly kaiseki but rather his own Ishikawa-style. For foreigners looking for an introduction to a form of kaiseki cuisine, this would be it. His food is beautifully presented, refined and full of flavour. Standout dishes on a visit earlier this year included the beef and uni dish shown above, and a mushroom and nodoguro dish was also superb.


There are two menu options available, which does not affect the number of courses but rather the ingredients served, both of which are less than half the price (or less) of most kaiseki restaurants in Tokyo and Kyoto. Some English spoken.

Kagurazaka Ishikawa

Quality: 4/5;  CP: 4.5/5, Ease of booking: 4/5






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