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Sushi Tetsu, London



Until Sushi Araki opens in London (expected this September / October), there is only one place in London where you can eat real edo-mae style sushi in London: Sushi Tetsu. 

Run by charming husband and wife team Toru and Harumi Takahashi, Sushi Tetsu has now been open for just over two years. Toru-san previously worked for several years at Nobu both in Spain and in London, before setting up his own shop.

Over the last two years, the food has gotten better and better, with Toru-san sourcing higher quality local fish, as well as tweaking his rice and nori to better suit the ingredients he has to hand. The otsumami are inventive, such as surf clam with miso.


Torched saba is always of excellent quality.



The nigiri are perfectly formed, the rice having a hint of sweetness and good bite. Recently Toru-san has been able to source wild tuna from Ireland, which has fantastic depth of flavour.

Some nigiri are lightly torched to bring out greater flavour (I appreciate this is not strictly edo-mae style!)


A great experience – I always look forward to returning whenever I have a chance (and can get a reservation!)

Sushi Tetsu

Quality: 3.5/5;  CP: 3.5/5, Ease of booking: lunch reservations easier than dinner reservations, but check Twitter for cancellations

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