kayoubi desu

Not Jiro



Few value their privacy as much as the Japanese. Some of the very best restaurants in Japan are by introduction only, and many of them never reach the public domain.

When Prime Minister Abe is not entertaining President “that’s some good sushi right there” Obama at Sukiyabashi Jiro (link), he frequents this sushi-ya, which is his favourite in Tokyo (as well as the favourite of some of Tokyo’s more shady underworld characters…) Its other regular customers are Japan’s politicians, top movie stars and sports teams.


This sushi-ya defines privacy – googling its phone number yields zero results. And even if you happen to know its name, a search will yield just four results, none of which will help you locate it. The sushi is perhaps not quite on a par with the very best Tokyo has to offer, but is nonetheless of a very high standard. Perhaps best of all, there are no Singaporean/Hong Kong food tourists to be found here…

A very private sushi-ya
Quality: 3.5/5, CP: 3/5, Ease of booking: 0/5


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